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Staff Writer Internship Program

Gaye Magazine is offering a 2023 Summer/Fall internship for currently enrolled college students to receive university credits. If you are not a college student seeking internship credits, you may still apply if you're seeking to gain industry experience. Please review our website and social media pages prior to applying to determine if this position will be a good fit for you. Instagram/Facebook: @GayeMagazine

Please Read the Full Internship Description before Applying.

Important Things to Know:

  1. Please note that this internship is unpaid and is intended for students to receive college semester credits. There will be commission-based pay for advertisement referrals, paid writing assignments, and event coverage opportunities. Non-college students seeking industry experience may still apply.

  2. This position is remote. Candidates within the Atlanta area are preferred. (You may still apply if you do not live in Atlanta, GA)

  3. This position is part-time. Writer Interns will have the ability to create their own schedule. (Monday - Saturday) Enrolled college students will receive a custom schedule to meet their hourly requirments to complete their course credits.

  4. Internship requires face to face team meetings (Atlanta Staff) and mandatory weekly team conference calls with the Editor-in-Chief and staff.

  5. Selected interns must agree to a 3-month or 6-month term to successfully complete the Staff Writer Internship Program. The selected term must be completed and approved by the team's managing staff before an intern can use Gaye Magazine as a reference or receive college credits.

About Us:
Gaye Magazine is an emerging digital news, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle publication dedicated to providing underrepresented groups within the LGBTQ community more limelight in mainstream media. Gaye was originally founded with the intent to reach people who have little to no voice within the community. Though our primary content involves the African-American LGBTQ+ community, each publication showcases diversity to bridge the gap between all walks of life.

Gaye Magazine covers daily LGBT news, celebrity gossip, trending topics, meme culture, viral videos and more, all while authentically representing Black LGBT culture. The "e" in Gaye represents our mission statement: to help educate, entertain and empower the LGBT community by embracing everyone, everywhere.

Gaye is working to re-brand our content in efforts to engage more readers and obtain a bigger following. We are looking for a passionate and dedicated individual who will enjoy being committed to writing articles and posting social media content about LGBT news, trending topics, and celebrities on a consistent basis. By joining the Gaye team you will not only be embarking on a journey towards professional growth, you will also be contributing to help shape a more unified and informed society.

Ideal Candidate Qualifications:

  1. Currently living in Atlanta, GA with reliable transportation.

  2. Extremely well versed in LGBT culture and knowledgeable of LGBT celebrities/influencers.

  3. Strong interest in journalism, writing and publishing content for the LGBT community and pop culture.

  4. Adept to mobile technology, extremely active on social media and always ready to report on the latest news and gossip.

  5. Extraordinary ability to demonstrate creativity within articles and social media content.

  6. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

  7. Familiarity with writing in AP style and writing in journalistic format (e.g.. Inverted Pyramid)

  8. Reliable, trustworthy, and ethical.

  9. Ability to work independently with little to no supervision.

  10. Wants a long-lasting career writing LGBT stories in a magazine publishing/news media company


Internship Program Requirements (Include, but not limited to):

  1. Contribute a minimum of 2 days per week writing a minimum of 2 daily articles to be published on Gaye Magazine’s social media pages and website. Currently enrolled college students will be given the required hours to receive course credit , thus receiving a custom schedule. (Interns will choose to report for any of the following columns: News & Opinion, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, or TV & Film)

  2. Research content about LGBT celebrities and scout social media for trending topics to share and create content for Instagram feed.

  3. Writers are encouraged to promote their articles published on Gaye through their personal social media accounts. Articles will be credited accordingly. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  4. Actively engage and communicate with the Gaye team through email, group chat, weekly conference calls, and monthly team meetings.

  5. Writers may be required to interview possible features and attend events to write articles for their column.

  6. Create eye-catching headlines without resorting to click-bait.

  7. Experiment with new ways of storytelling through multimedia

  8. Execute calmly in a breaking news environment

  9. Write entertainment stories that align with Gaye’s voice and audience

  10. Take constructive criticism from experienced editors

How to Apply:

1. Please email with your resume, cover letter and 5 writing samples (preferably news articles in journalistic format or feature interviews).

2. Please answer the following questions in the body of your email:

  • Are you a currently-enrolled college student? If not, have you read the requirements and details of the Staff Writer Internship Program?

  • What type of articles/stories interest you the most to cover if you were to join the team? (Entertainment, News, Fashion, Lifestyle, TV & Film, etc...)

Our team will review your email, resume and samples and contact you within 3 weeks should we wish to move forward with an interview. Good luck and thank you for applying to join our team!

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