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$20 Million Housing Project for Homeless LGBTQ Underway! #ProjectLegacy

On October 19, 2021 TruEvolution broke ground on a $20 million housing project named #ProjectLegacy, slated to bring housing and clinical support to homeless queer and trans people in the Riverside, CA area.

TruEvolution is an organization founded by CEO Gabriel Maldonado over eleven years ago. Maldonado is a former member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDs under President Obama's administration. The organization provides direct HIV Care, Prep/Prevention and emergency housing programs to marginalized LGBTQ persons.

In an official press release, the organization has confirmed the forthcoming housing project will help to combat homelessness through a "one-of-a kind community campus". The housing project will contain a primary and mental health clinic, a fitness center, community garden and five bungalow homes with hopes of accommodating 50-60 transitional and emergency housing beds.

Each home in the project will be named after iconic leaders and activists from the community past and present including author and activist George M. Johnson, Twiggy Pucci Garcon, and Reverend Benita Ramsey.

The site will also include two homes named after the iconic liberation and gay rights activist Marsha P. Johnson and American novelist and activist James Baldwin.

TruEvolution's mission is to fight for "health equity and racial justice to advance the quality of life and human dignity of LGBTQ+ people".

If you are interested in supporting #ProjectLegacy donations can be made here.

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