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21 Year Old Trans Woman, Bee Love, Found Dead in Burning Car

A trans woman named Bee Love was found dead and burned inside a car on Wednesday in Henderson county, South Florida. A man named Derrick Henderson spotted the burning car from his front yard. He told that he didn't realize there was a body inside.

Neighbors reported that they woke to booms as the car was burning on the crossing of 13th Street and Virginia Avenue, Harlem, in the Clewiston area. The fire was so extreme that the body was unrecognizable.

According to Kennard Wade, that body belonged to his best friend of six years #BeeLove. He painfully told news, ”That’s her car. I know that. I know her car.”

He said his friend was confident, independent and unafraid of what others thought about her lifestyle. Wade believes he spoke to her the night she died. Bee told him that she needed to move out of town and that she would be in trouble if she didn't.

Wade said that he believes she was targeted specifically because she was transgender and that someone wanted to harm her. And he is not the only one. Shocked and brokenhearted neighbors confirmed to Wink that they also think she was targeted.

Via WINK News

Though investigators are looking for more information, the motive may have already been revealed. It was rumored that Bee Love was having relations with her roommates 8th grade son.

Bee Love came out on Facebook to to address the allegation as purely false. Bee Love's alleged underage relations gave a bad vibe to many and some even gave death threats. One such person, Ayisyen Jim (Pete) went out on Facebook on September 3rd saying "Somebody need to Kill Bee Love". She died 2 days later.

After Bee Love was reported being found dead inside the burning car, Ayisyen Jim (Pete) took to Facebook and said, "I know I ain't harm nobody ain't no sense of even arguing or responding to anything."

Another friend, Shaq (@340_lani) spoke out to #GayeMagazine to speak on his last moments with his dear friend.

"Me and Bee Love actually are part of a friendship that grew into a family of over 8 of us and we are tight like vis grip. Myself and Bee Love were actually suppose to be in ATL For pride over this weekend everything was a green light but once the hurricane came my friend got scared, of course we argued in playing ways I said “girl come on now u know I got u” but my friend was determined to stay. I miss my friend and till now it still feels surreal."

Bee was due to turn 22 on Sept. 11th.

This news comes right on the heels of Bailey Reeves. Bailey was a 17 year old trans teenager we reported who was shot and killed on Labor Day in Baltimore.

Bailey marks #17 and Bee Love #18 of the number of reported trans deaths in 2019. All of them are still young, black, trans women.

Investigators are saying nothing until medical examinations. For those who may know something about the death of Bee Love please contact the Clewiston office: 863-805-5000.


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