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3 Quick Tips To Afford Christmas in 2020


It's nearing the end of the year and millions of people are still unemployed or have reduced hours which makes the holiday gift giving season a bit more - interesting. That's why we've come up with three cost-effective ideas to help you afford Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah this 2020 year.

1. Memories Instead of Objects

Memories last a lot longer than things. Take your family out for an experience this year. With COVID restrictions in place we suggest things like driving through the best lit up neighborhoods. Go to open decorated parks in nearby towns. The outdoors is a great place to go out and still be safe.

You can also stay inside where its warm. Set up the living room with blankets and pillows for a movie marathon, or take on a cookie decorating/gingerbread house building experience. Be sure to take lots of pictures and videos, and who knows, these might become tradition!

2. DIY's

IY's or (Do it yourself) get a pushback for the reason of, "Ugh, I'm not creative", but sometimes you don't really have to be. If you make your own lotions or hair products, make extra and go to Walmart to buy some jars and then give it as a gift. If you love cooking, or at least know how to follow a recipe, measure out the dry ingredients of your favorite recipe and give it as a gift.

Put a small card with the instructions of how to add the wet ingredients and cooking directions. If you like a good cocktail, grab a nice bottle from Micheal's and fill it with whatever juices or fruits are needed and then give instructions of what alcohol and how much needs to be put in for a pre-made cocktail drink! If you're really not creative, but you have a bit of money, you can get a lot of things from sites such as Etsy, and the ever popular Amazon. Be on the lookout for Holiday deals!


3. Gift Your Time

Remember back in the day you would give your mom a coupon you made in school for one free hug or massage? Time to bring it back! Sometimes money isn't enough, but time is valuable because you can't get it back, so give your time as a gift. Some people find themselves with plenty on their hands now! Make fun coupons for dishwashing, babysitting, date nights, massages.

Let's face it, practical gifts are the new favorite. We'd LOVE for someone to fill up our gas tank as gift. Many of us constantly wish for more time. Offer things you know the other person would like but that you can reasonably give and be committed to the time you promise. If you don't know what to give, really listen to the individual, or just outright ask.

So that's it! Three quick ideas on what you can do for this crazy holiday year. Will you try any of these #gayes?


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