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5 Spring/Summer Hair Trends to be Wearing in 2019

From box braids to goddess locs to ombre hair color with beach waves, here are the key hairstyles to try!

Sultry Movement

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Decipher your textured waves this season and focus on the notion of the sultry movement instead of full bodied twirls. Ciara proved this point with this floaty down hairstyle that oozed effortless, messy undone glamour.


Wearable Wet Hair Look

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Wet look hair is a repeating theme on the runways, but while it's a tricky trend this season, thankfully the tone of the trend is rather wearable. Take your inspiration from Zendaya, her hair was swept back with volume.


Playful Colour


Playful colour is a sure trend for spring/summer, but think of it as more alluring, less Glastonbury. Play up your hair with semi and demi-permanent hair color clip-ins wigs so you don't have to make a permanent change. Hair color is about experimenting and changing what you like, making it lighter or darker to create a certain feel and aspect. For inspiration, think about Laverne Cox at this year's met ball wearing Christian Siriano with her vintage turquoise mermaid waves.


Au Courant Hair Accessories

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These are not your barrettes our mom used to put in our hair when we were in kindergarten, instead they have graduated to a more grownup high fashion hair clamp. This is a trend you will see this summer alongside ribbons & turbans. This hair trend was influenced heavily from the 90s. We have seen logos this spring, adorning not only the clothing pieces but also spring 2019 accessories, shoes, hats and bags. It's no surprise that monogram hair clips are a chic & effortless way to showcase a brand's name and show your devotion to it.



Glistening Sleek Perfection

Lauryn England

Sleek is back! With hairstyles gleaming with intensity & polished to perfection with the right serum and flat iron, straight hair can often be easy to maintain but there are some techniques to keep in mind when you're trying to keep it looking at its best. To shampoo and condition your hair apply a lightweight oil or serum and use anti humectant products, especially during the summer months because the humidity and environmental stress on your hair can cause it to break. Some of our favorite stars that absolutely slaying the straight hair look are Kim Kardashian West, Naomi Campbell, and Lauryn England from Chasing Atlanta.

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