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9 Year Old Drag Queen Causes Ohio Lawmakers to Think Drag Enables Child Sex Trafficking

Jacob Measley : Photo by

Can you say, "Hater on the frontline!" Ohio republican, Tim Schaffer, introduced House Bill 180 to the state legislature that would consider child drag performances as "child exploitation" of a minor. The bill was proposed after nine-year-old drag queen, Jacob Measley, performed at a local bar in Fairfield County. Anyone who disobeys the rule will face up to six months in prison and be fined $1000. Bars or venues that violate the law will have their liquor license revoked.

The bill refers to any child under eighteen years of age and children that are mentally or physically handicapped under twenty-one years of age.

Threats toward Measley and his family started coming in after he performed "Miss Mae Hem" at a drag event in December. According to Toledo Blade, Measley's mother, Jerri Measley, claims her son became inspired and interested in drag after watching an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race. Jerri also states that the dance moves Measley use in his performances are strictly what he learns in dance class. As well, she does not allow him to dance to explicit music.

"Jacob is just a guy who likes to dress up and dance and feel pretty… it’s kind of like Halloween every time he has the opportunity to do it," said Jerri.

The bill strictly outlaws any performance, “that suggests a minor is participating or engaging in sexual activity, masturbation, or bestiality and that, taken as a whole by the average person applying contemporary community standards, appeals to prurient interest.”

Schaffer believes that allowing kids to perform in drag is an example of poor parenting skills and increases the activity of human trafficking.

“Given our heightened focus on human trafficking and the role money plays in trafficking children, I knew I had to take action to make sure this activity does not occur again.

“We can do better to protect innocent children and we must do better," said Schaffer.

According to PinkNews, mayor of Lancaster, David Scheffler, and local LGBTQ campaigner, Kristen Angelo, both seen nothing wrong with Measley performance since it was not of sexual indecency.

"Contrary to claims being spread online, the performer was fully clothed and was not touched by anyone in the audience," said Scheffler.

The bill has been sponsored by eight republicans, many of which are anti-LGBTQ. Their names are John Becker, Timothy Ginter, Candice R. Keller, Bernadine Kennedy Kent, Craig S. Riedel, Kent Smith, Fred Strahorn and A. Nino Vitale

Supporters continue to voice your opinion so our young drags can continue to shine in peace with the support


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