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Actress Angelica Ross Reveals Being Traumatized After Being Called a "He" On the Set of "Claws"

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You may know Angelica Ross as Candy Johnson-Ferocity from "Pose", but the comedy tv series "Claws" witnessed her amazing acting skills first. She portrayed the character Relevance in 3 episodes of season one before she realized Hollywood didn't have a lot of experience with Trans people.

Unlike "Pose" an entire cast of black Trans actresses, Ross says she was left traumatized on the set of "Claws". During an interview with Crissle West for Self Magazine, she came clean about different struggles and how someone on the set of "Claws" misgendered her.

"The trauma I experienced on that set is a drastic difference from the support that I felt on the set of Pose. Someone referred to me as 'he'," she shared.

The discomfort didn't stop there for "Claws", producers then took it upon themselves to drop a scene on Ross with no appropriate attire. She was pre-op and still directors asked her to drop her "underwear" and wear a modest garment (tape that goes from your front to your back). The garments weren't specifically made for Trans actresses and made it difficult for Ross to act out scenes with her cast members.

"It's a woman-led show and yet trans women on the show is feeling shitty," Ross expressed after her concern for the lack of trans awareness. She argued how important it would've been to have a nudity rider, which is a bargaining contract between actors and unions provided when film or TV scenes require nudity or simulated sex. The environment is then restricted to a small number of people related to the scene and material in question. Ross told Self Magazine that no contract was present.

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"I don't need to prove my womanhood to nobody at this point. People can say what they want, this administration can write that they want. I don't need to fight for my truth. I live it. Yes...but do you think I'm debating these ignorant motherf**kers about my truth ?" -Angelica Ross via Self

After being mistreated and misgendered, Ross shared how she got a dose of healing with a buddhist friend where she cried after the feeling of acceptance that they gave her. She emphasized how the context of her spirituality helped her get through those "Claws" struggles. She shares that without her friends support those moments "would rip me apart and leave me damaged in my dysphoria."

With "Claws", "Pose" and "American Horror Story" under her belt, Angelica is calling the shots now. According to Out, Ross has three shows of her own in the making and a YouTube channel called "The Turning Point". Keep a look out for weekly updates on the scripted series "The Turning Point" about current moment in culture; a series following the movers and shakers in Atlanta; and "Stilettos", a scripted series that follows Ross's own life story.

She will continue to pave the way for black trans actresses one show at a time.

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