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Amiyah Scott Allegedly Assaulted in her Hotel Room by Club Promoter During L.A. Black Pride Event

"Star" actress and model Amiyah Scott shared heartbreaking news that she was assaulted and "choked out" in her hotel room allegedly by a club promoter this past July 4th weekend during an L.A. Black Pride event.

"This man put his hands on me, tried to have me removed from the club then proceeded to bust into my hotel room & try to fight me. I had to call 911," Amiyah shared in a string of tweets.

The trans rights activist took to Twitter Saturday (June 3) and responded to Grammy-nominated singer Chika after learning she too had a horrible encounter with the same club promoter the previous night.

In a lengthy thread of tweets, Chika shared her experience hosting a Los Angeles club event on Friday (June 2), in which she shares that the club "didn’t play ONE song of mine".

Chika later clarified that her comments had “nothing to do with lani,” but rather “the n**** running the event.” She also revealed the club promoter’s name to be Brandon Anthony.

Anthony later responded to Chika on Instagram, saying "girl grow tf up. the people was not there to see yo ass anyway. I promise you."

Amiyah later responded to Chika's tweets blasting the Pride event and the promoter, noting that at first she "wasn’t going to say anything...".

LA Black Pride took to Instagram to issue an official apology to Chika about not playing her music, "along with any of the elements of the venue operations that made Chika feel less valued as a black [woman]".

Chika responded to their apology, stating that it was "performative bullshit and the page had her blocked and only "issued an 'apology' to save face to the public".

Amiyah later details in her tweets that she had never felt more disrespected in her entire life.

"Every second that passes by I get more upset. Apologizing to me would be taking accountability for something he can’t come back from. Ignoring me isn’t gonna change history. The lies, the continued disrespect. He’s not sorry," she tweeted.

Chika shared on Twitter that she brought up Amiyah being assaulted to Anthony:

Amiyah later shared more details about what happened in her hotel room with Anthony that night, alleging that she was "choked out against a wall" by him.

Monday evening (June 5), Amiyah thanked her supporters for asking if she was okay in a final tweet.

"No, I'm not. Pray for me."

The club promoter Brandon Anthony has since been extremely vocal on Twitter, both blasting Chika and denying the allegations that he assaulted Amiyah.

The LAPD was reportedly called, however Gaye can't yet confirm if a police report was filed on the incident. Gaye has reached out to Amiyah to send love and support and for a official update. We will continue to report once details are provided.

A record 45 trans people were violently killed last year. Gaye stands firmly against violence against trans women, especially ones of color, as for Black trans women are disproportionately impacted.


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