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Amiyah Scott Releasing First Book, Memoirs of a Mermaid

The oh-so lovely transgender actress, model and LGBT advocate Amiyah Scott will be releasing her first book "Memoirs of a Mermaid". Amiyah, best known for her role as "Cotton" on the hit television series Star, is an extremely vocal activist for transgender females and is focused on giving trans women a voice.

She recently started a foundation called Transgender Empowerment of America (TEA) in hopes to inspire anyone who has a dream. Her hope is that her story can motivate others to go after what they desire most, regardless of adversity, and never lose sight of their goals.

Back in May 2018, Amiyah first announced she was writing her book during an interview on the Build series, and was asked about the name for the book.

"I think that mermaids and transgender individuals go hand in hand, first because the bottom is a fin so that leaves it up to the imagination and you really don't have to identify as certain things, and then there like a lot of different reasons, but I'm gonna break it down in the book that you'll have to read to find out," Amiyah said.

The book will detail Amiyah's journey, showcasing her wins and her losses and should inspire and encourage others to live their life to the fullest. Memoirs of a Mermaid is due out March 31st 2019 and will be published by Fideli Publishing, Inc. We are beyond excited to learn more about the fabulous Amiyah Scott in her new book. Will you be ordering a copy?


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