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Ana Brnabic - Woman of Many Firsts

Congratulations go to Ana Brnabic for the safe delivery of her baby boy Igor, according to BBC. If you don't know Ana Brnabic it is probably because you are not Serbian. Ana Brnabic is the Prime Minister of Serbia and I love to call her "the woman of many firsts". According to Advocate, Ana was chosen to succeed by Aleksandar Vučić’s to become Serbia's first female Prime Minister and openly gay Prime Minister. Before that ,she was the first LGBT head of state. Though she's one of the first to give birth while in office she is the world's first to do so from a same sex marriage. The Prime Minister gave birth February 20th, 2019 and reported by Euronews to be "doing fine." Ana and her partner Milica Djurdjic opted for artificial insemination. The craziest part? The country does not legally recognize same-sex marriages! You do you, go girl!


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