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Arizona Lawmakers Lift 30-year Ban, Teachers Can Now Talk Homosexuality in Sex Ed


Hooray to equality! On Thursday, Arizona lawmakers repealed a long overdue law that prevented public school teachers to discuss LGBTQ relationships and lifestyles in health class.

Since 1991, Arizona banned teachers from encouraging homosexual relationships as a positive alternate lifestyle and informing students how to perform safe homosexual intercourse.

According to GLSEN, Arizona is one of seven states that have laws around LGBTQ issues. Yet, it is the only state that banned teachers to promote a " homosexual lifestyle."

Arizona originally regulated this law for public schools after a 1986 recommendation from the U.S. surgeon general that stated HIV/AIDS education needed to start at an early age.

Glen Spencer, the executive director of Aunt Rita's Foundation, an AIDS nonprofit, said he has come across many young adults who simply were uneducated in how to protect themselves.

According to AZFamily, Arizona believed by not discussing LGBTQ relations it would prevent the disease from spreading.

The repeal was the result of a lawsuit filed in March against Arizona education leaders.


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