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Artist Miss Kaniyah Release New Music Video "I Look Good"

Artist Feature Spotlight | Music

Miss Kaniyah I Look Good - LGBT house song
Miss Kaniyah

Up-and-coming rapper Miss Kaniyah (Prada Garcon) just dropped her debut house record “I Look Good” and she’s giving away $2K for the best runway video to her song!

There's no way to underestimate the power of confidence. If you're certain that you're an eyeful when you step out of your house, the rest of the world will ratify that belief. Things are going to break your way. People will be drawn to you. Miss Kaniyah wants to make sure that her fans reap all the benefits of self-esteem, and "I Look Good," her latest single, is an anthem for everybody who believes in the defining power of charisma.

The Washington D.C. rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer is certain she's about to conquer, and she expects her listeners to follow her example.

Of course, it helps that Miss Kaniyah actually does look good - outrageously so, all the time and in ways perfectly designed to attract attention. There's nothing shy about this artist, and that assertiveness is reflected in her recordings. When she raps, she ensures every syllable is perfectly clear and fully embodied.

Her music, too, is direct, forceful, and ruthlessly catchy, full of propulsive beats and candy-coated synthesizers. It comes in with a bang, struts like a model on the runway, makes all its points - and after an exhilarating minute and a half, it's over. "I Look Good" is the kind of song that would sound equally appropriate blasting from a street corner, sound-tracking a wild night out at a club, or getting revelers fired up at a Pride parade. Wherever people need encouragement, Miss Kaniyah is there.

And since she's determined to make an unforgettable visual impression, she directs her own clips, too. The "I Look Good" video celebrates fashion, beauty, attitude, and femininity. But mostly, it's a celebration of Miss Kaniyah herself, who strides across these frames with the kind of self-possession that comes from an unshakable faith in her attractiveness.

Though the clip is a brief encounter, she makes the most of every second of screen time, appearing in various guises and rapping to the camera as a TV presenter, a model, and a businesswoman.

Every outfit she wears is spectacular, including a skin-tight pink bodysuit that might be the most impressive special effect you see in a video this year. Wherever she goes, jaws drop. She's clearly expecting the same reaction from you. Will she get what she wants? Only a fool would bet against a woman with confidence like this.

Watch the Music Video Below:


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