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Ashlee Preston Confronts Model on Dr. Phil Who Lied About Being Trans After Transphobic Remarks

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Carissa Pinkston is someone we've previously reported on before. At that time, she was claiming to be trans after making transphobic comments. Now, she is being confronted head on about her remarks on Dr. Phil.. Carissa made a post on social media that said, “Being transgender does not make you a woman; it makes you simply transgender.”

Her explanation for posting this? This was 'her attempt to open up a conversation' in the aftermath of the murder of trans woman Muhlaysia Booker in 2019. Following the backlash over this and other posts, Carissa's modelling contract was terminated.

On Friday's episode of Dr. Phil, Carissa met Ashlee Marie Preston, the first openly trans woman to run for a state office in California. Ashlee told Carissa, “I don’t know that you’re quite sad about your actions as much as your sad about the inconvenience of accountability.”

Ashlee took to Instagram to discuss this further. "I linked up with her after the show to continue our dialogue despite how disingenuous her 'apology' seemed because I don't believe in 'cancelling' people without attempting to rehabilitate their minds while imparting education around how they've caused harm." Ashlee went on to say: "If people are apologizing and they don't really know what they did, they're likely to do it again and again. That attempt was cut short less than a week ago when she went on ANOTHER transphobic rant on Instagram; this time targeting me and @whoisjaylaroxx- before deleting the post."

Ashlee ended her post by saying, "We all make mistakes (Gawd knows I have) and deserve a second chance. The ingredients for atonement are: acknowledgement, accountability, and amends. But, without willingness, you're simply wasting your time."

So #Gayes do you feel Carissa will take Ashlee's words to heart or is she just another too far gone to help see reason?

Watch the Part 1 of the Video Below:


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