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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Schools Conservative Ben Shapiro on Transgender Rights & Sports

Science and sexuality don’t always mix well. When it comes to the discussion on transgenderism, renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson will argue that the latter doesn’t matter. Known by all as the most famous science communicator on planet Earth, Tyson joined Ben Shapiro on his podcast show to discuss Transgenderism.

The political commentator attempts to use science to discredit Transgenderism, though it becomes plainly clear that he’s out of his range. Turns out that Neil deGrasse Tyson had plenty to say on the topic of human sexuality.

On episode 72 of Ben Shapiro’s podcast show of the same name, Tyson joined him to discuss his 2019 book “Letters of An Astrophysicist.” The two podcast hosts talked about everything from Tyson’s fascination with discovering the secrets of the Universe to political science. Things took a bit of a left turn, though, when Shapiro caught Tyson off guard with a discussion on human sexuality.

In particular, Shapiro asked Tyson to offer his thoughts on the typical arguments posed by “gender theorist” on transgenderism. Their main focus; sex and gender don’t co-exist with each other. Furthermore, Shapiro sets forth examples pertaining to sports, explaining that gender theorists argue that “biological women wouldn’t be at a disadvantage if they were to compete with transgender women.”

Shapiro, however, blatantly discredits that view by attempting to use “science and data.” He states that a man “pretending” to act as woman will physically beat a biological female in sports every time. Digging himself an even bigger hole, the political commentator then asks why people refuse to address non-binary individuals by their said sex, instead of their preferred sexual identity.

Neil deGrasse Tyson boils his response down to one question; why does it matter how we define others? During the interview with Shapiro, the Harvard University graduate schools him on the fact that “we segregate nearly all sports by gender" and that "otherwise why do we even give a shit".

When Shapiro even attempts to push his views on Tyson, the astrophysicist then asks the podcast host what’s his main reason for the inquiry in the first place. Shapiro, however, can’t formulate a valuable answer. In the end, Tyson argues that people are allowed to live their lives however they choose and that it’s nobodies business. It’s as simple as that.

While Neil deGrasse Tyson is known particularly for his explanation on planets, the galaxy and the entire universe, he occasionally lends his voice to other matters here on Earth. His interview with Shapiro wasn’t the first time he discussed Transgenderism. Back in 2017, the science author sat down with Anthropologist Natalia Reagan and stand-up comedian Chuck Nice to talk about the creation of Transgender Visibility Day.

Throughout the interview, the three speakers answered questions from fans who called into the show. Particularly, Reagan provided responses to questions about sexual fluidity in human beings, as well as animals such as Chimpanzees.

Additionally, Tyson discussed the terms of sexuality and gender pertaining to those who identify as transgender or cisgender. If he chose to do so, Tyson could look into another career path pertaining to the study of psychology of human sexuality.

Even Ben Shapiro himself has spoken out about the LGBTQ and transgender matters on previous episodes of his podcast. However, most of his commentary on the matter comes off as biased. Specifically speaking, Shapiro completely disrespected an LGBTQ student by refusing to acknowledge the transgender community.

The student plainly called out the political commentator for his “transgender people aren’t valid” comment he previously made. During his 2017 interview with Joe Rogan, Shapiro held the same sentiment about the transgender community. Of course, The Ben Shapiro Show host has received plenty of flack about his comments towards sexuality and gender differences, as well as others.

Fortunately, Neil deGrasse Tyson put the fast-talking podcast host in his place by “exploring the wonders” on the freedom of human sexuality.

Watch Below: Start: 42:55


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