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Atlanta Filmmakers Launch Crowdfund to Create New Documentary, "In Loving Color: Black Queer Love"

Exclusive | Feature Spotlight

The minds of five black LGBTQ+ filmmakers have teamed up with tv & film crowdfunding site Seed&Spark to bring the Atlanta community their very own Black gay love documentary, "In Loving Color: Black Queer Love on Film".

"In Loving Color" is a documentary short that highlights & celebrates Black Queer Love through the lens of millennial couples in Atlanta, GA. The team launched their crowdfunding page in hopes of raising $15,000 by August 29th of this year to produce the film.

The good news is the filmmakers only need 80% of their budget to keep all contributions, which consist of $13,500. The team has already raised about $2,000 with over 30 supporters. The funds will cover the cost of studio location, travel, lodging, equipment rentals, camera gear, and additional crew members. The donation amount can range from $10 to $1,000. If supporters donate a significant amount, they will be granted producer credits in the film!

The idea to create this colorful film started back in 2020. Aspiring filmmaker Afiya Jannah John (creative director, writer, and producer), brought the idea to her mentor Lizette London (producer, director) and soon got a passionate and talented team together.

Jasper Brooks (Producer, Director), Cai Thomas (Director of Photography) and Le'ianna Nicole (Producer Assistant). The team of filmmakers dreamed of documenting the iteration of love that they saw in the heart of Atlanta. They also felt that it wasn't enough representation of black queer couples and if it was, it wasn't at the hands of Black filmmakers nor did it capture the genuine love that our people can give.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of resources and support at the time, they were unable to see the project through to completion

In June of this year, the team successfully reunited for their pre-production phase with the help of the crowdfunding platform, Seed&Spark.

Seed&Spark's foundation is a well-known funding campaign that supports creator sustainability and increases representation in all stages of storytelling. Donations come straight from the audience. As of now, August 2022, the team has implemented Covid-19 safety measures and is ready to film!

"In Loving Color" will allow viewers to get to experience a screening of intimacy and the beauty of black partnership being expressed loudly and proudly. Five couples in Atlanta, GA will sit down to share their love, their journey to finding themselves, and how they met their significant other.

This film will be like no other because it isn't often we get to see black and queer representation in a space where we have full control over telling our own story.

Creative Director Afiya Jannah John sees this as an opportunity for the black and queer community to come together as one.

"My hope is that this [film] will not only bring joy to my beautiful, beloved community but also be a step forward for us in the diaspora...We've come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. Let's start with Love."

The filmmakers and crew are scheduled to start post-production in September of this year, this will give them the opportunity to put everything together. The team is aiming to have its premiere screening in October of this year in honor of Atlanta Pride.

Get ready to experience a screening of beauty in black partnership expressed loudly, proudly and as the Mission Statement says," feel the emotions of the spectrum of love that exists"

If you're interested in being interviewed on camera to share your love story fill out their Couples Form. Interviews will take place on August 27th and 28th, 2022.

Click HERE to Donate to, "In Loving Color: Black Queer Love On Film"


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