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Atlanta Man Pretended to be Gay to Befriend Lesbian Woman Then Brutally Raped Her

Taurence Callagain was recently found guilty by Futon County Supreme Court of a rape that occurred on Sept. 6, 2015. District Attorney states that Callagain pretended to be gay so that he could convince the unnamed woman, who is also a lesbian, that he was not interested in a sexual relationship.

Callagain and the victim had originally met at H.E. Holmes MARTA station in Atlanta. The two talked for weeks and eventually exchanged numbers into their friendship. On September 5th the victim missed her 11:40 p.m. bus to her home. Callagain offered her a ride so she would not have to walk the remaining miles home.

Before dropping her off, Callagain suggested to the victim that they "first stop at his house to pick up some marijuana." The victim had assumed the two would be smoking in his room but the DA reports that "he began to strangle her and proceeded to violently rape her."

Callagain told the woman that if she resisted or screamed he would, "get my boys to come in and hold you down." The woman believed him after hearing male voices elsewhere in the house.

Reports state that the woman eventually escaped and ran 3 miles back to her home in the middle of the night. She went to the Atlanta Medical Center and called the police and describe the rapist and his home.

Callagain claimed the intercourse was consensual. The victim's underwear was found buried in the hamper and Callagain was arrested a month later. He was indicted in 2017 and convicted Friday.

He currently has another case of aggravated sexual assault in Fulton County as well.

Fox5Atlanta states that a judge will be sentencing Callagain at a later date.


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