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Atlanta Non-Profit Groups Receive $400,000 toward HIV Programs

He IS Valuable Inc.

Pharmaceutical giant, Gilead, has started an initiative called COMPASS where funds are being granted in southern states to help fight against HIV.

COMPASS is a 10 million dollar commitment in 10 years. Of 2.3 million dollars given to 40 different groups in the southern region, seven Atlanta-based groups were given a combined 400,000 dollars.

The other Atlanta based groups that recieved funding was He is Valuable granted $65,000, Thrive SS granted $80,000, NAESM granted $75,000, A Vision 4 Hope granted $52,500, Here’s To Life granted $50,000, Aniz granted $42,500 and SisterLove who was given $35,000.

The affects of the grant were immediately evident with He Is Valuable, posting their thanks on @heisvaluable. He is Valuable is a movement that supports black gay men and encourage them to feel valuable. They pay special attention to sexual health, political, economic and personal wellness. They noted on their Instagram that the funds would be used to improve the quality of their programs and services.

According to @AIDSVu 35, 402 people in Atlanta alone have HIV. And according to the Center of Disease control and Prevention, the south makes up 52% of HIV cases. With the COMPASS program the hope is that funds can be used to promote people to get tested and receive treatment.

Candace Meadows, Project Director, Emory COMPASS Coordinating Center, stated, " “Community-based organizations faced with diminishing long-term financial resources and increased community needs are challenged to ‘do more with less. The Emory center will support organizations to enhance organizational capacity, operational efficiencies and their ability to secure resources that positively impact communities with greatest need.”

The Department of Health & Human Services announced that the Trump administration launched a new program for uninsured individual receive free PrEP. According to the CDC PrEp is a once-a-day pill for those with HIV to help reduce risk of infection, it hold a 92% success rate. It is hard to get in rural areas like Georgia and cost the government 200$ a bottle.

To see if you qualify for this program you can go to or calling 855-447-8410.


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