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Avery Wilson's New Single "Kiss the Sky" Debuts on Billboard at No. 29

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Though R&B singer Avery Wilson doesn't drop new music often, he seems to hit the mark when inspiration calls. His latest single "Kiss the Sky" has debuted at No. 29 on Billboard's Adult R&B Airplay Chart.

Written and produced by musical duo Louis Clark, the song is lengthy approaching a 6-minute run time. A refreshing burst of love and sensual invocation, Wilson manages to sustain the embodiment of R&B that many listeners long for in today's music scene.

He sings about not only pleasuring his lover but concurrently fulfilling his own desires:

I'm addicted to the vibe

Just want to take it slow

I'm so devoted

On a mission now to find

All of your pleasure zones

Til your body's floating

His vocal range is precisely catered, with respect to the composition provided by Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony. The duo holds collaborations with several notable artists including Rihanna, Chrisette Michelle, Bruno Mars, Jessie J, sand more recently Anthony Hamilton.

"Kiss the Sky" is Avery Wilson's latest release since 2020's "Smoke" and his 2019 project "8:34". Though an unconfirmed project single, "Kiss The Sky' is undoubtedly a rendition of Avery Wilson's dedication to the catalyst of his entertainment career -- his voice. Wilson made his first major commercial appearance on Season 3 of NBC's The Voice.

In turn, when he isn't making music, he effortlessly proves why he doesn't always have to --by showcasing his chops through other mediums. As Gaye Magazine previously reported, Wilson is presently cast in the Broadway play 'The Wiz' as the scarecrow; a role famed tout de suite by the late singer Michael Jackson who was cast in the 1978 film.

“Vocally he cannot be touched. Vocally Avery needs to be protected,” said Kandi Burruss, a member of the musical’s production team said to the Washington Post. “He is one of those artists that’s just been amazing for years.”

Via Instagram, Wilson shared footage how his castmates surprised him with a celebratory event for his new single. "Yesterday night after leaving the theater finishing our 7th preview of The Wiz, I walked into my hotel truly speechless", he exclaimed in the caption. "This cast is much more the just a group of colleagues, they are my family."

Listen to "Kiss the Sky" below.


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