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B.E.T+ Releases New Tv Series “Angel” Starring MC Lyte, E.J King & Siya

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

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New Year, New TV Series!

Manny Halley, the producer of the new series “Angel” just announced his latest partnership with B.E.T+. Halley has released over 11 movie premieres with B.E.T + making the new series “Angel” his first tv premiere.

The new tv series aired on January 5th of this year with three full episodes starring Efrangeliz Medina as “Angel, alongside legends like Dj Mc Lyte, rapper Siya, stylist E.J King (as Ms. Toni), and actress Elise Neal.

The cast of the film has already expressed their gratitude for the new series all over social media. Stylist E.J King asked for all viewers to be sure to Pose!

“#Mstoni makes her debut!!! Make sure you, Tony and Pose… thank you again to @mannyhalley @iamyolandahalley for trusting me with this character”

E.J King as Ms. Toni in "Angel" - BET+
E.J King as Ms. Toni in "Angel" - BET+

Musician Siya, who plays Angel's girlfriend, shared her excitement via her Instagram story on the day of the premiere.

“I just want to say I’m super excited about today…the premier of Angel on B.E.T +. Been working my ass off and it feels good to…ya know to see Sh*t back in motion. I love y'all. Thank you for the continuous support. Make sure y'all watch Angel.”

The newest cast member, Efrangeliz Medina who plays Angel was still on cloud nine as this marks her first lead casting role.

“Wow!! So, I am so proud to announce that…I will be starring as "Angel" in my first ever lead role on a TV series "Angel" alongside @siya. Thank you @mannyhalley @imanimediagroup @jamalhill_ for trusting me with your vision. “Off to a great start this year! Make sure to tune in Thursday!!! Thank you, God, "

The heart wrenching film debuted its 1 minute & 30 seconds trailer on YouTube January 4th.

Viewers witnessed Angel Alvarez, a Latina foster child finding herself surrounded by people with evil intentions including her foster mom (Elise Neal) and her girlfriend (Siya). With no money and no place to call her own, Angel’s only choice is to become a beast and learn the streets of L.A.

Believe it or not, the Tv Series is based on the NY Times best seller book, “DUTCH” by author Teri Woods. Published in 2003, The story reads back and forth from the present to the past of how Dutch at age 14 started his life of crime, similar to Efrangeliz Medina character, “Angel”.

The good news is that Woods book is a trilogy with Dutch I, Dutch II (Angels Revenge) & Dutch III (International Gangster). Fans Of B.E.T +, "Angel” could be looking forward to a deeper story line.

Gayes, Are You Watching Angel?


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