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B. Scott Makes History in Triumphant Return to the BET Network

History has been made once again Love Muffins! BET announced that B. Scott, will be the network’s first trans and non-binary tv show host. B. Scott, who's widely considered one of the pioneers of the blogging business and the 'multimedia maven' of celebrity news and gossip, will host “Twenties the Aftershow”, a “Talking Dead”-esque series that will air directly after Lena Waithes comedy “Twenties”.

“Twenties the Aftershow” will host a slew of black and LGBTQ+ guests that will contribute to a conversation lead by B. Scott to discuss topics and themes of the “Twenties” episode that preceded it. B. Scott is making history as the first trans non-binary person to both host and executive produce their own show. Though making history on this network and in media overall isn't anything new for B. Scott.

B. Scott was the first trans non-binary person to appear on 106 and Park”, and then go on to judge the “Rip the Runway” competition in 2012. This comes after a long career from B. Scott's infamous YouTube channel LoveBScott, started in 2007 and their website under the same name, making them the first trans non-binary person to have a prominent Black media site.

lovebscott website banner/youtube header

B. Scott's relationship with BET network seemingly ended when B. Scott filed for discrimination based on gender identity in 2013, where BET discriminated against them for wearing clothes on the red carpet that weren’t considered ‘masculine’ enough. Even though Scott changed, their hosting duties were given to female co-hosts and B. Scott's workload diminished to only the end of the pre-show. Scott first lost the lawsuit, then the judge repealed his decision in 2017 after an appeal by B. Scott.


“Twenties the Aftershow” marks Scott’s return to BET, and due to B. Scott’s excited announcement on Twitter, as well as taking the job in the first, it seems on better terms than it was left in 2017.

Waithe, creator of "Twenties" and executive producer of "Twenties the After Show" sang her praises of B. Scott in an interview with Variety.

"B. Scott is so much more than a personality. They're a lifeline to those who feel invisible, they brought me joy when I was a struggling writer try to find myself in L.A, in a word-they're legendary. I've always known there was a spot for B. Scott on BET, now the time has come for us to make that space."

B. Scott has been making spaces for themselves since they first got to L.A in 2005, which they talk about in their guest post on GLAAD, posted earlier today. B. Scott stated it wasn't a coming out letter, then officially announced: "I am trans non-binary person and I use they/them pronouns."

There has not been a set date for the premiere of "Twenties the After Show" at this time.


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