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B. Scott to Make History on BET with "Twenties" After-Show


The first look of B. Scott’s new talk show “Twenties After show with B. Scott” shows an emotional moment between B. Scott and their co-executive producer of the show, Lena Waithe.

B. Scott mentions a particular instance in 2013 where “bigotry prevented me from doing a job I was hired to do—a job I believed would give people a chance to see me for everything I am”. B. Scott was referencing their past red carpet job with BET. Gaye previously reported B. Scott making a historic return to the network as the first trans non-binary person to both host and executive produce their own show. The "Twenties After-Show with B. Scott" is executive produced under Scott's production company Ahoskie Productions.

Backing B. Scott now is executive producer Lena Waithe, who features in a sneak peek clip into the show.

Scott, donning a crown and as Waithe in the clip pointed out, “ [you] look like a star from the heavens”. B Scott thanked Waithe for giving them their "moment" and a chance to show that "life does get better, and I'm a testament to that."

Waithe took the thanks in stride, calling it a full circle moment for herself, as she was inspired by Scott in her earlier years starting out.

“It really inspired me and it me feel less alone. When you’re queer and you’re black and you’re trying to be in the business, chasing your dream, you really don’t feel like there's space for you and you created a space for yourself, and in doing that you made it okay for us to create a space for ourselves.”

B. Scott took to Instagram to share excitement for the show, saying, "When I said back on YouTube in 2007 that I would have a TV show one day, I was not prepared for what the journey to get here would look like. I almost gave up on that journey more than a few times — but I didn’t. I persevered...Thank you to my love muffins who have supported me through everything over the years. I truly couldn’t not have done this without you. Today is a celebration — not just for me, but for all of us! We did it, love muffins."

The full clip is available via Variety here.

TWENTIES After show with B. Scott premieres tonight, October 13th at 10:30 p.m. on BET.


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