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Baltimore Schools Pass Policy to Protect Transgender Students

From The Baltimore Son, Colin Campbell

According to the Center of Disease Control, 2% of high school students identify as transgender. Frederick County has progressed by most Maryland schools by unanimously passing a policy to protect their students.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the policy allows students to identify with their preferred names and pronouns. Teachers are now allowed to ask the students for this information, privately, so that they know how to address them in the class. Even if the student has changed their legal name, all transgender and gender non-conforming students can identify with whatever they wish. This also attributes to locations such as bathrooms and locker rooms.

The policy changes the discrimination clause, adding the prohibition "to discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and non-conformance to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity.”

One voter for the policy was Alaine Jolicouer, co-chair of the Baltimore City Commission’s education advocacy committee, Jolicouer claimed the decision was, “a symbolic and crucial moment...I saw the need for this change, and I’m very happy to witness it today, not just myself but with members of my community.”

Kudos to Baltimore!


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