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Big Freedia Brings The Christmas Spirit in New Holiday EP

Courtesy of Big Freedia (Instagram)

Big Freedia has wasted no time paving her path to fame and fortune within the music industry and it seems she's now bringing in some holiday cheer with her new EP, Big Freedia’s Smokin Santa Christmas. This new EP, which dropped on Friday, showcases five songs and it’s sure to even put your grandma’s butt on the dance floor!

Fans can expect to hear a highly anticipated feature with American rapper Flo Milli on their new track Better Be, accompanied with a music video that was shot at Joy Theatre in New Orleans.

Though Flo Milli does not make an appearance in the video due to a time crunch, the video displays Freedia along with a bunch of different dancers spreading holiday joy as they twerk and turn-up against a Christmas themed background.

When discussing her regrets about working on the music video she shares, “My only regret is that we couldn’t get Flo Milli in the video,” Big Freedia says. “It all happened so fast that I had to dig up my own holiday decorations for the video set”, Freedia told Rolling Stone.

The song reveals all that Freedia wants for Christmas this year, and though her list may not be long, she sure is precise! In the chorus she raps,

“Better be big, better be new

Better be red bottom shoes (Uh)

Better be ice, better be blue (Haha)

Better be Benz comin' through

Better be fresh, better be cute

Better be stacks, better be loot (Yo)

Better be cash, better be bad

Better be fast, better be soon (Uh)”

Courtesy of Big Freedia (Instagram)

The New Orleans native who identifies as a gay male but prefers she/her pronouns started in the game back in 1999, performing in Jamaica and later releasing her first studio album, "Queen Diva" in 2003. Big Freedia gained major popularity after a fest-closing gig with Katey Red and Sissy Nobby at the Bingo Parlour Tent and the 2009 Voodoo Experience.

Since then Big Freedia has gained fans from all over the world and has certainly achieved mainstream status. She’s been part of several projects with big names like Drake, Beyoncé and Ciara.

If you and your friends are looking to twerk the night away for Christmas then be sure to stream Big Freedia’s new EP on all major music streaming platforms.

Check out Big Freedia's new music video Better Be featuring Flo Milli below!


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