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Big Freedia Discusses Pronouns and Her Thoughts on Lil Nas X's BET Performance on Joe Budden Podcast

New Orleans bounce music icon Big Freedia recently interviewed with Bridget Kelly and Mandii B on the Joe Budden Network to promote her new song “Betty Bussit” and to bring more awareness to her latest documentary on gun violence in New Orleans.

The Queen Diva revealed that she was a victim of gun violence when she was shot twice in an attempted robbery and shared other details on how tragedy from guns affected her.

“My brother was killed, I’ve lost family members that was killed over a bicycle, like the silliest stuff happened in certain situations in New Orleans and people lose their lives over it, so this documentary was near and dear to me to wanna just try to help change for the younger generation.”

In addition, Big Freedia also expressed how she “doesn’t care” about pronouns, mentioning that though she identifies as a gay man and uses she/her pronouns, she didn’t grow up in a time where pronouns was a big issue as it is today.

This conversation later led unto her opinion of #LilNasX’s BET performance due to her identity being mostly embraced by the general public as opposed to other artists.

“He should just continue to make great music. You don’t have to do all this extra stuff to get the media all riled up.”

Gayes, share your thoughts

Watch the Full Interview Below: (Gun Violence 52:00 - Pronouns and LIl Nas X 1:12)


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