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Big Freedia Launches "SHADE" Sunglass Line in Partnership with Eye Candy Creations

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big freedia new sunglass line with eye candy creations
Big Freedia | via Instagram

Big Freedia & Eye Candy Creations just set the tone for the gworls with their new "SHADE" sunglass line.

Though Summer is coming to an end -- Fall arriving in about two weeks to be exact -- New Orleans native Big Freedia has plenty of shade left to throw. Widely known for popularizing the Southern bounce music culture, Big Freedia is also privy to the realms of fashion, often wearing eccentric patterns, bold colors, and statements.

The Queen of Bounce has partnered with celebrity eyewear designer Eye Candy Creations in the release of their sunglass line titled "SHADE."

big freedia launches new eyewear line "SHADE"

'Don't get played, throw some shade", Big Freedia said in an Instagram caption.

The rapper posted a photo of himself atop a pair of gigantic rainbow-colored sunglasses. There are three different styles of eyewear -- VERA, JOESPHINE, & LOVE -- with each pair of sunglasses telling its own story respectively. She detailed more in a statement on the website:

"My new line of eyewear is inspired by my childhood on Josephine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, the home where I learned all of life’s lessons and developed the lens through which I see the world. My momma, Vera, told me to love my bold loud self, my church schooled me in the art of performance, and my neighborhood fed my soul (literally and figuratively)."

The collaboration was initially teased on her reality show Big Freedia Means Business, which follows Freedia on their entrepreneurial journey featuring a new cannabis line, makeup line, and the opening of a hotel. The show is Big Freedia's second reality series with the TV Network Fuse.


The sunglasses range from $149 to $259, with several design variations, custom polarized tinted lenses, and are bedazzled with Swarovski Crystals. You can shop now on the EyeCandy Creations site.

"Go out there, be yourself, and throw some Queen Diva shade with my new collection!” -- Big Freedia.


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