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Billionaire Transwoman Anne Jakrajutatip Buys Miss Universe for $20 Million, Makes 1st Speech Live

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Ranked the third richest transgender person in the world with an estimated net worth of 6.37 billion as of 2021 according to Forbes, Jakkaphong "Anne" Jakrajutatip became the legal owner of the three following brand franchises; Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe in October.

She recently spoke at the 2023 Miss Universe pageant this past Saturday during the crowning of the first Filipina American R'Bonney Gabriela as Miss Universe.

"Saturday’s competition was the first time a trans woman addressed fans as the owner of Miss Universe,” the Miss Universe Organization said in its latest statement.

Previously owned by Donald Trump and later sold to IMG in 2015; Anne bought the franchise on October 26, 2022, reinventing, and rebranding the meaning of the word CEO by creating empowerment for all women of the new generation, thus making history after 70 years of male domination of the franchise.

Anne is a Thai businesswoman, transgender activist, and reality TV star in her home country. She is the owner of JKN Global Group, a multinational conglomerate comprised of businesses in various industries such as beverages, content distribution, cosmetics, health products, home shopping, energy drinks, entertainment, events, and more.

Her background achievements include and are not limited to; Project Runway Thai Edition, Shark Tank, Asia Media Woman Of The Year circa 2019, Founder Of LIFT (Life Inspired For Transsexual Foundation) Charities, Etc.

“JKN Global Group and I bought the beauty pageant for 20 Million, and our purpose is to provide a platform for women of all backgrounds, cultures, and traditions," she told Daily Mail.

The 72nd pageant to date is to celebrate feminism and is to be for women and ran by women. The 43-year-old who went from working in a gas station to owning a family video rental store in Bangkok, went against family nuances and established her own company in real estate development in Sydney, Australia.

Jakkaphong Anne Jakrajutatipe is the embodiment of what the future can be for future female contestants. Gayes lets congratulate Anne on her newest investment and the newfound paved way for all Universal opportunities.


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