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Billy Porter Wants to Fire Trump, "Get That Bitch Out of Here!" (Video)

Billy Porter was interviewed about his upcoming film, "Like A Boss", alongside co-star Jennifer Coolidge, and boy did things get interesting! The interview started off simple enough, discussing the plot, and parallels between their characters and themselves.

When Porter was asked if he'd ever been fired in a dramatic way, he answered, “I'm the kind of person who doesn't...You know, I don't like begging,” he says. “So, if you don't want me, I'm done. Like, I don't like chasing after things that end people in situations that don't want me...I've learned to focus on the things that do.”

Coolidge said of having a boss as bad as Selma Hayek's character, that she babysat for this woman early in her career: “She had different kinds of water, like high quality water for her to drink in different water for me, and I had to come in the back door and it was this sort of humiliating experience. I wrote down everything she said to me, and I performed it on was like's the ultimate revenge is just to work it out on stage.”

And the best part! When Porter was asked if he could fire anyone in the world, who would it be, he said without hesitation, “Trump! Get that bitch out of here! As soon as possible!”

So, #Gayes what are your thoughts? Will Donald Trump ever be cancelled or is he one of those people that'll always be around no matter what he does?

Via Out:


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