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Black Trans Man Tony McDade Shot and Killed by Tallahassee PD After Allegedly Stabbing a Man [VIDEO]

An officer-involved shooting that occurred Wednesday of this week is making headlines after the suspect has been identified as yet another person of African American descent to be killed by law enforcement. This person is 38-year old Natosha “Tony” McDade.

McDade was originally identified as a woman by law enforcement, however, upon further investigation and more information from close sources, it is believed that McDade identified as a transgender man.

However, there are still conflicting reports on how McDade classified themself. Another individual stated that although McDade dressed as a man, they identified as a woman.

According to the Tallahassee Police Department, McDade allegedly stabbed a man to death before pointing a gun at police officers. He was then shot and killed by TPD.

Earlier that day, McDade posted a live video on Facebook, vowing to get revenge on several men who attacked him the day before. Another video also circulated on Facebook showing an attack on someone thought to be McDade.

McDade can be heard in the video saying, “You killed me. I’m gonna kill you.” In the same video, McDade stated that there would be a “standoff” with the police, adding, “I’m living suicidal right now.” McDade can also be seen visibly upset, crying talking about many unfortunate things that have happened in his life.

There are many rumors and allegations being spread throughout the neighborhood of this occurrence, as well as social media. Many are saying that McDade was not armed and he was simply holding his cell phone before he was killed. However, TPD Chief Lawrence Revell said McDade was armed with a gun and pointed it at the officer, prompting him to use deadly force.

This story is making headlines just days after the death of #GeorgeFloyd, an unarmed black man who was killed by police.

According to TPD, the case is currently still an active investigation and they are not providing further details at this time.

Watch the Full Video Below:


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