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Bobby Lytes Inspires with #PromDoOver Party in Response to Being Banned from His High School Prom

Bobby Lytes brought in his dirty thirty in a major way! Many of us know Bobby Lytes because of his crazy antics on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, Instagram, and more recently, OnlyFans.

This time however, we at Gaye have decided to highlight Bobby for something much more positive and that speaks to the many #gaye boys and girls facing discrimination and bullying in high school.

Bobby took to Instagram to tell what initially seemed like a random story time about a gay boy who’s homophobic principal banned him from attending his high school prom. That boy turned out to be “Little Bobby”.

As the story continued, Bobby spoke on the hurt he experienced as a result of racism and discrimination and how even as the years went on, the memories would haunt him. He noted that he even ran for Prom King and put so much effort into his campaign, only to be denied access to the big day.

Bobby mentions how he initially wanted evil revenge on his former principal. However, as he became more and more successful in life, he no longer felt this way. Instead, for his 30th birthday, Bobby decided to throw his own prom where he could live out his dream and unapologetically live in his truth.

And LIVE is exactly what Bobby did! From the looks of it, his Prom Do Over was one for the books!

There isn’t much info on the full guest list but we do know that his cousin/legendary rapper Trina was in attendance to show her support.

This is such an inspirational story, not only for Bobby, but for all of the little black boys and girls who face discrimination because of their skin color and/or sexuality. This moment, shows that although it may be hard right now, you can overcome, live in your truth and be accepted for who you are. We are so happy for Bobby, and we hope his thirties are good to him!

As for the former principal and her sidekick? Who cares? But, we’re sure they’re watching.

Check out his story via his Instagram captions below:


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