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Bobby Lytes Takes His Talents to OnlyFans, Social Media Reacts


As quarantine remains underway, we’ve all sought out new ways to test our creative side and stay connected with the rest of the world, all while making sure the bills get paid. Needless to say, Love & Hip Hop: Miami star, Bobby Lytes is certainly no exception! As of late last week, Bobby took to his Twitter to announce the debut of his Onlyfans account.

For those who don’t know, Onlyfans is a subscription content service based in London where content creators can post pictures and videos all while receiving money from those who choose to subscribe to their page. The website is known for its explicit content and is only accessible to those 18+.

It seems none of this bothers Bobby after receiving approval from the renowned singer, songwriter and producer, Beyoncé (better known as Queen B to my fellow Beyhive’s). Bobby wrote to Twitter stating, “Ok it’s official! Y’all leave me tf alone! Beyonce has approved getting an ONLY FANS! Ok now bye!”

The tweet was in reference to rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s new song, Savage Remix featuring Beyoncé. In the song Beyoncé sings, “Hips Tik Tok when I dance (Dance) On that Demon Time, she might start an OnlyFans (OnlyFans)”. It was the same day the single dropped that Bobby let Twitter know he had no shame to his game!


I’m sure that much to Bobby’s excitement, it looks like Twitter is all here for the antics! User @KingBee_IAM writes, "I need a taste".

Another Twitter user @sarah_got_cake writes, “It’s mesmerizing and I can’t stop looking for some reason”.

Although, there were some folks that doubted the reasoning for making his account; some even implied that the reality star has gone broke.

User @20KPAPI writes, “Them funds running lowwww chile. Thank god for my lil 9-5 lawd.”

Some have simply lost interest in Bobby’s Twitter page all together with user @sumyleefayce writing, “Unfollowed”.

Amid all the controversy surrounding Bobby’s new endeavor, he continues to promote his OnlyFans on his Twitter page. What do y’all think, #Gaye’s? Anyone planning on subscribing? Let us know how you stay in touch with your “creative side” during these trying times!


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