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Boxer Adrien Broner Says, "Gay Men Shouldn't Be Able to Work at TSA", Claims He Was Violated [VIDEO]

Boxer Adrien Broner recently took to his Instagram to share that he feels he was violated by a gay man while going through TSA. In the video he says, “I’ve been violated. Yeah, that motherfu*ker violated me man. I just feel like gay men shouldn’t be able to work at the TSA.” He explains that as he was going through screening the metal detector dinged his groin area. He names the man who was assigned to search him as “Gay Man Greg.”

During the search he claims the man was “rubbing” his body. Without fully clarifying how exactly he was violated by the man, Broner then concludes, “He was looking for d*ck.” Broner has a history of bashing gay men, as he was in several social media altercations with Andrew Caldwell aka Mr. Delivert, as we previously reported last year.We are taking Broner’s claims with a grain of salt, however #gayes, do you think Adrien is telling the truth?

Watch his full rant video below:


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