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British Transgenders Soon To Be Sentenced To Jail For Not Disclosing Prior To Sex

Sally Deng via BuzzFeed News

British transgenders are currently under the radar for facing jail time for not sharing past gender history with their lovers. UK's top lawyers determined even kissing can be considered a sexual assault, and rape with penetration if the partner claims they were misinformed.

Michelle Brewer, a public law barrister with Garden Court Chambers detailed a court appealed case when judges regarded non-disclosure as lying. The Current Sexual Offenses Act of 2003 protects transwomen and was initially meant to clarify laws of sexual conduct, but sadly failed.

However, the Crown Prosecution Service in England and Wales will not automatically prosecute in where sex by deception is alleged. Birbreck University along with the City University London has funded, TransJustice, a network to advise transgenders to know their rights about the law. Transgenders now brand themselves to allies and support groups in London that may assist them legally, if ever convicted. LGBt reps state some judges twist the law to fit their personal prejudice.

What would you do if you were facing jail time over avoiding the truth?


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