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California Man Receives Plea Deal After Stabbing A Trans Woman

Richard Joseph Lopez, described as a violent man without a conscience, has now been convicted of a 23 year prison sentence due to stabbing a transgender woman in the throat. Fresno Superior Court determined there will be no life sentence by him pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter, in the murder of K.C. Haggard. The Incident occurred on Blackstone Avenue and was caught graphically by surveillance from a nearby tattoo parlor.

Lopez, who drove an SUV summoned Haggard towards his car one dark night and did the unthinkable. Lopez stabbed Haggard in the neck and drove off. Haggard then stumbled a block down the street. Police later found her body, slumped against a sidewalk pole. If found guilty in the 1st degree he would have served 51 years in order to be eligible for parole, but he took a plea deal of 23 years. 2036 seems too soon to brainstorm his privileges but his actions thus far has created many marches and movements in California’s Tower District.

Chair Of Trans-E-Motion, Zoyer Zyndel expresses to the Fresno Bee, “the transgender community has been struck with terror, this won‘t be the first or the last”, via In the LGBT community we all see how many times anchors report the killing, but leave out that it was a hate crime.

Gaye’s how long do you feel is a fair sentence someone should serve for a taking a life?

The Surveillance Video is Below:

Warning Graphic Content


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