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Cardi B. Officiate Same Sex Wedding With the Help Of Raven Symonè

Facebook Messenger/ CardiBTries

Imagine Cardi B pronouncing you wife & wife at your dream wedding. That’s exactly what happened on Friday for Shannon and Brandi. Talk about a day to remember!

As the season ends for Cardi B’s new Facebook reality series, “Cardi Tries”, the rapper took on spontaneous challenges from gymnastics to teaching preschool to officiating a wedding.

According to Facebook, Watch Together via Messenger, the secret wedding came after Brandi asked Shannon to marry her. Months later, Shannon assumed that she was attending her own engagement party/ rehearsal. But little did she know it was their surprise wedding.

Cardi B partnered with actress Raven Symone, who recently got married to her Girlfriend.You Can see Symonè directing Cardi B to the Podem where both brides were in shock.

Raven & Cardi B’s goal was to air The episode, “Cardi B Tries Tying The Knot” early On Oct 8th exclusively on Facebook Messenger. The episode is in celebration of National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11 of this year .

“It’ll be National Coming Out Day, which we all know is a layered journey for many people in the LGBTQ+ community…Being part of a same sex marriage is important so people see that there’s differences obviously, but also similaritiesm," said Raven

The similarities included A happy couple, friends, family , beautiful flowers, a breath taking venue and an officiate to help tie the knot.

With over 1.2 million views on Facebook, fans reacted to Cardi B helping Brandi pick out a wedding dress .

A moment we all know a daughter should traditionally experience with her mother. As she held back tears, Brandi vented to Cardi B about her mothers disapproval of the marriage.

“She does not agree with the lifestyle, [ and would not be attending the wedding ]…she did send me a message just wishing me well. I love her, I have no ill feelings about her not being here”

Even though Brandi‘s mother was not present, it’s safe to say that These two beautiful women had the perfect wedding. Who else can say they could get the power vested in them by Cardi B from the State of California

Watch Cardi B Tryies Tying The Knot:

Gayes Are You Crying Yet ?


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