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Carmen Carrera Calls RuPaul Hitler of the LGBT Community for Not Including Trans Women in Drag Race

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Former Drag Race star Carmen Carerra isn't happy with the Season 12 lineup. She took to Twitter to share her very blunt thoughts and feelings. According to Pink News, Carrera said in one Tweet, “Why are people still shocked that RuPaul’s Drag Race [is] not an ally to the trans community? What have I been telling you for years?”

She also said, "For someone to consciously block the truth of trans performers and the progression of our movement all because the public at large doesn’t know any better is just a cruel and evil use of power. RuPaul is the Hitler, false prophet, anti-Christ of the LGBTQ community.”

Twitter had mixed opinions of Carrera comparing RuPaul to Hitler. The overall consensus seemed to be that the Hitler comparison clashed with Carrera's call for diversity and inclusion.

This isn't the first time RuPaul has clashed with the trans community over his casting decisions. He infuriated many when he said he 'probably wouldn't' let trans women compete. When pressed, he fired back saying his remark was 'taken out of context.'

So, #Gayes, how do you feel about RuPaul's casting? Is he trans exclusionary? How do you feel about Carrera's comments?


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