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'Catfish' Host Kamie Crawford Says Her Ideal Man Will Not Be Homophobic, "It Means They Hate Women"

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kamie crawford lgbt ally responds to homophobic men
Kamie Crawford

MTV's "Catfish co-host Kamie Crawford recently made a TikTok video in response to a viral question asked by influencer Smith Woods. In the video Woods asked his followers, specifically for women who date men, "he's a 10 but he's homophobic or shows signs of internalized homophobia, biphobia queer-phobia, all those things. What is he?"

In reply to the video on TikTok, Crawford said: "he's a motherfu**ing zero baby and imma tell you why. So I have a very detailed list of the man that would find me and what he would be like. and one of things that that is on the list is that he will not be homophonic or transphobic in any way.

She continued: "Cis men who are homophobic or transphobic, all it really boils down to is that they hate women."

Watch her full video below:

Upon reporting on the video, Kamie Crawford doubled down on her thoughts in our comment section.

"I said what I said!!!" she commented.

Gayes do you agree with her thoughts?


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