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Celebrity Stylist Law Roach Successfully Raises 100K for Chicago's Black Owned Businesses

Photo Credit: Erik Asla

We love a giving business man! Law Roach, celebrity stylist and HBO's "Legendary" judge, made a huge announcement on Monday. He shared that he reached his goal to raise 100k for the black community. The idea started in June when Law partnered with Rebuild The Hood Inc, a full service organization that focus heavily on supplying resources to the less fortunate neighborhoods in Chicago.

After the spread of Covid-19 and the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter riots, Law saw an opportunity to help black owned fashion and beauty businesses that were effected by the chaos.

"There was so much happening, and is still so much happening, in our world, in my culture and in my city, in Chicago. I just felt like I had to do something...I can't solve the big problem, but what I can do is focus my efforts, my time, my energy and some of my money to a smaller microcosm of a big issue and start there, make change there." - Law Roach via Fashionista

Law then invested 25k himself to Rebuild The Hood Inc. before asking friends, family and his business associates to donate as well. Not even a month later, Law raised 100k with the help from influencers like actress Jameela Jamil who donated $10,000, along with "America's Next Top Model" consultant Dre Elliot who donated $1,000. In addition, artists like Common and Zendaya each donated $1,000 as well.

Business owners will now have the opportunity to apply for grants through The fLAWless Fundraiser. The application process is only awarded to Black owned fashion and beauty businesses in Chicago affected by police brutality and Covid-19. Applicants must answer 26 questions and provide a 30-60 second video about their business damages.

Before giving back to his community, Law Roach was known and celebrated for his stylistic work with Celine Dion, Zendaya, and Ariana Grande. His newest collaboration can been seen on HBO Max's new hit series "Legendary" along side rapper Megan Thee Stallion, actress Jameela Jamil and Model Leiomy Maldonado. The show is a vouging competition that explores the world of LGBT ball culture with the prize set at 100K for the winning house. 100 just might be Law Roach's lucky number.

Check Out The Trailer For Legendary


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