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'Chucky' TV Series Airs its First Gay Teen Kiss!

#Gayes, do you remember your first kiss?


Queer horror fans just a scored a major win for representation. SyFy's new 'Chucky' TV series just broke new ground airing first-ever gay kiss.

The 14-year old protagonist Jake, played by Zackary Arthur, shares a special scene with close friend and love interest Devon, in what has now become a viral TV moment.

Jake is a small-town boy who finds the iconic Chucky doll while thrifting. The series finds Jake in the middle of a complicated relationship with his alcoholic father who is struggling to accept his sexuality.

In episode 5, Jake and Devon come to a stop on a bike-ride, as their conversation nears an end Jake asks "What are you thinking Devon" to which he replies "I'm thinking this is a problem we both can solve together."

The boys reticently lean in for a small peck, and then again for a longer real first kiss. They both blush and giggle in an innocent, boyish manner immediately following the special moment.

The scene is a huge shift for Jake as he has spent much of the series struggling to find his way socially and become confident in his sexuality and identity. In addition to its significance to the romantic storyline, the kissing scene also serves as a window of representation for not only fans of the series, but also for the franchise's own creator.

When asked about how he approached Jake's sexuality and character arc in the series, Chucky creator Don Mancini told Logo "this is a very sweet, PG-13 teen puppy love kind of thing we see in other genres that depict 8th graders and their burgeoning romantic interests we don’t get to see often with 14-year-old gay boys. It’s something I identify with from my own experience and could bring to it."

Devon and Jake's scene is a template, the first of its kind in modern television, and a precursor to what genuine and human representation for gay and queer people can look like if given the right platform.

This scene reportedly moved the entire cast and crew as they filmed. The iconic Jennifer Tilly, who voices the Bride of Chucky, stated “There’s a scene where Zachary and Bjorgvin kiss....they have a moment of human connection.”

Film and television has provided numerous iconic teenage love affairs for decades, but queer people finally have a piece of representation that affirms our humanity and deservedness of love.


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