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City Girls' JT Shares Why She Wanted to 'Give Transgender Women their Flowers' in Her Latest Song

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JT of the rap duo sensation City Girls has expressed why she wanted to give transgender women their flowers in her latest single “No Bars”. The BrizzyOnDaBeat & Noc produced song is the first official solo single since she dropped “JT First Day Out” back in 2019.

The lyrics “Bitches on my dick, pretty like a transgender” hit the internet by storm when JT’s track ‘No Bars’ leaked last year. Immediately the LGBTQ+ community, specifically those of trans experience began vibing to the song during that particular verse.

Now, a year later upon its official release - JT shares why that verse was important for her to say “out loud”. In Genius Verified's recent interview, she shares:

"I just wanted to like - out loud give transgender women their flowers, like they titties be sitting up, their face are beautiful, like the makeup ideas and how hard they go for their beauty... I love it."

Check Out JT's Full Interview Below:


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