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CNN's Don Lemon Comments on Trump's Tweet for #2 NFL Draft Pick, Suggests Racial Bias

Via CNN | Alex Edelman/Pool/Getty

Last night, Don Lemon made a comment about Trump's tweet congratulating #2 NFL Draft pick, Nick Bosa, instead of congratulating #1 NFL/MBL draft pick, Kyler Murray on his segment and to TMZ. TMZ met Don Lemon while he was leaving CNN's building Monday night and asked about his thoughts about Trumps tweet congratulating Nick Bosa.

"Bosa is a supporter of Trump," Lemon said "Bosa doesn't like Kaepernick. It's everything this President is about." He then added, "I think we should be congratulating the #1 person, Kyler Murray as the #1 person made history."

Kyler Murray made history for being the first round draft for both the NFL and MLB, which of course, is an outstanding achievement. Lemon continued, "Don't forget the #1 person [Murray] is also black."

With that being said, congratulations to Kyler Murray for making history. What are your thoughts on the tweet made by President Trump?


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