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Comedian Khalil Shamar Talks His Rise to Stardom and Being the Best Tiffany Pollard Impersonator

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Khalil Shamar, better known as @therealkhalilshamar on Instagram, is an 18 year old comedian who hails Natchez, Mississippi as his hometown. As a shining star who produces some of the best re-enactments on Instagram, you may have seen Khalil hilariously impersonating Tiffany Pollard and other celebrities.

All Instagram stars have to start their career somehow, so when asked “What made you start making videos?” He responded, “I started making videos when I was 16, and I was just at my grandmothers house and thought, 'I should just do a video', and I made a video dancing to the song “Whats Love Got To Do With It", and I got some local attention”.

Khalil's video certainly helped him get his start, he later even started creating characters.

“I had two characters and the first one didn’t really go anywhere because I was rushing to be seen and not really thinking about the content however when I created my character with the jolly rancher nails is when I started to take off”. Eddie Murphy and other comedians are widely known for creating funny characters, and Khalil is no exception to that craft of creativity.

Khalil is stellar at movie and reality show re-enactments and does a bang up job. A video of him reenacting a scene from “What’s Love Got To Do With It” is just one of his most viral videos.

Tell me about that day and what made you do that scene?

Khalil responded, “Actually that video was very rushed, and I asked my friend to come after school and film it for me, and I’m still shocked that it went viral because that definitely wasn’t the plan.” Khalil is a now a viral sensation due to this quick-thought videos.

Khalil mimics the words perfectly and adds the look of the character, so I had to ask, "how long do these videos take?"

“Well I have to study the video so I get the words just right because it’s noticeable if you mess up and it takes me about 15-minutes to edit and that’s if I’m rushing.” He has reenacted Poetic Justice, Waiting To Exhale and Holiday Heart. His videos have reached over 4 million views on Facebook and other major platforms.

Viral videos are at the forefront of social media with Tik Tok and Instagram being the front runners and Khalil is killing all platforms.

“How did it feel after you made your first viral video?"

“I didn’t even know it went viral, but it definitely felt good and gave me the push to do more content." Khalil then revealed, "The first person to ever comment on my video and give me words of encouragement was BlameItKway and that let me know I definitely was on the right track and gave me the push to keep it up.”

Khalil has re-enacted scenes from "Flavor Of Love” and posed as the reality star Tiffany "New York" Pollard. Khalil has been dubbed to have the best impression of New York yet.

You were so young when Flavor of Love aired, so why her?

“Well I don’t really remember watching the show as a kid however I’ve seen her so much, and so I just started watching some episodes, and she’s hilarious, so it was a perfect fit for reenactment”.

Khalil went on to say “Kway actually mentioned Tiffany and she commented and reposted me on her page and that was definitely a moment for me”.

We see tons of Instagram comedians collaborate all the time and it always makes for comedy gold. I asked him, “Who would you collaborate with?”

“Jay Nedaj and BlameItOnKway would be dope collaborations.”

What is your ultimate goal?

“Well it’s definitely to be on television and be noticed by that big crowd and because I live in such a small area in Mississippi, I’ll definitely have to move states eventually to achieve that. I’m looking at Atlanta or Texas as of now, but I’ve considered LA as well.

“I want to write, produce, edit all my material and see it on tv but I know I have to build a team so that’s my next step for my career."

With social media being the new talent agency, we are definitely excited to see Khalil excel and even more anxious to see what he creates to take the world by storm.

Check out more of Khalil's hilarious Tiffany "New York" Pollard impressions below!

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