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Conservatives Triggered By Billy Porter Wearing Tuxedo Gown on Sesame Street, Petition Started

Sesame Street Facebook

Billy Porter is making waves in more ways than one! The Pose star visited Sesame Street wearing the beautiful tuxedo gown that he donned to last year's Academy Awards, and conservatives lost it. According to Pink News, the 'outraged' group have started a petition urging show's creators to fire Porter before the episode even airs. The petition currently has more than 17,000 signatures.

Meanwhile, Billy was having the time of his life. “Y’all, talk about iconic,” he Tweeted. “I was tickled to meet Elmo and the gang @Sesame Street.”

The Sesame Street crew had just as much fun meeting Billy and thanked him for his appearance. "An iconic day with an iconic person.”

Sesame Street Facebook

So #Gayes, are you looking forward to seeing Billy hanging out with Elmo and the crew? Do you think this petition will make waves or fall on deaf ears?


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