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Costa Rica Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

During this difficult time good news always feels one million times better than it does any other time. Costa Rica has legalized same sex marriage, and couples can begin registration on May 26th.

Official Luis Guillermo Chinchilla told Q Costa Rica in an interview, "the Civil Registry has made significant efforts in adjusting all the computer systems in civil registry matters, with the purpose of managing these registrations in a timely and expeditious manner, always within the framework of suitable and effective registry security as usual by our institution."

In August of 2018, Costa Rica's Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional to not allow same sex couples to wed. At that time an 18 month time limit was set for the legislature to implement the changes through the law.

Costa Rica's 2017-2018 presidential election had LGBT+ rights affirmation and opposition front and center. Fundamentalist Christian candidate Fabricio Alvarado Muñoz went from being in sixth place to being the front runner because of his aggressive stance against LGBT+ rights. Thankfully, Muñoz was defeated by centrist candidate Carlos Alvarado Quesada in a run-off vote.

#Gayes send your warmest congratulations to the happy couples of Costa Rica in the comments! We're excited to see the queertastic wedding photos!


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