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Da Brat & BB Judy to Reveal Moments Before Going Public Together on New Season of Growing Up Hip Hop

Da Brat, the wildly talented, Grammy nominated rapper from Chicago was always known for her music, but now that her private life is out in the open, she’s now known for her big surprises too.

The duo will be announcing their engagement to the world on the upcoming season of the reality TV series, “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta”, which features legendary artists from Atlanta and their kids. You can catch it live on Thursday, January 7, 9/8 Central.

Da Brat (real name Shawntae Harris) came out publicly in 2020 to a mostly positive reception. She’s engaged to Jessica Dupart, American entrepreneur and businesswoman extraordinaire who is known for her hair product business - Kaleidescope Hair Products and charitable work.

The two first announced that they were an item back in March when she first came out as a lesbian, and in February, Ace Showbiz spotted the two lovebirds together at the Krewe of Neterfititi Family Day parade in New Orleans, where Dupart is from.

According to People, Da Brat has embraced her life living out and proud, even accepting the opportunity to star as an LGBTQ character in a stage production “Set it Off”, an adaptation of the 90’s film.

When speaking of her relationship with Dupart, she said, ”We just complement each other.”

The whirlwind engagement was announced on Instagram with festive pictures of both ladies looking gorgeous. Da Brat recently posted an adorable comment with a picture of her and her wifey-to-be.

She said, “Santress and Mrs. Claus”…HAPPYHOLIDAYS. Without my PAST, I couldn’t appreciate my FUTURE. In love with my PRESENT @darealbbjudy. I bagged the GIFT. She bagged the (w)rapper.”

Congratulations to these two fierce women! Check out the trailer to the new season of Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta below!


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