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Da Brat Defends R. Kelly - Says She Will Never Stop Listening to His Music

TMZ ran into Da Brat on Saturday at the Trumpet Awards in Atlanta and wanted her to give her two cents on the whole R. Kelly situation due to their musical history. Da Brat seemed to be torn at the beginning of her response saying, “That’s a rough one ya know, I do think he needs help. I love him, I grew up with him.”

But she later bluntly says, “I think the parents need to take responsibility. Where is your 14 year old child? Why are you there? Something is wrong with that.”

The 6 part docu-series Surviving R. Kelly received many similar opinions once it aired on Lifetime. Some may agree that Da Brat is correct — the parents should be held accountable for the role they played throughout. However, many claim a predator will be just that, a “predator”, despite any barriers others may set forth.

When asked about listening to R. Kelly’s music, Da Brat says she will never stop listening to his music. “I may not buy it no more, but it’s already in my playlist,” she said.

Hmmm, seems a bit weird how she is taking both sides on this one.

Check out the video via TMZ Below:


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