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Dave Chapelle Challenged by Bob The Drag Queen To Stand Up For Trans Lives


This past Wednesday, Bob The Drag Queen went on, "Just The Sip Podcast" with Justin Sylvester where she called out Dave Chapelle for using anti-trans jokes in his set. This conversation sprouted when they began talking about bringing together LGBTQ+ with anti-racism activism and the unrest in the country right now.

Bob the Drag Queen is known for being the winner of season 8 of "Rupaul's Drag Race" and being on the HBO series, "We're Here" along with Drag Queens Shangela and Eureka. Recently she's been involved in activism on social media.

During her interview, Sylvester asked her how she felt about Dave Chapelle making jokes about transgender women in his routines.

To recap a little, Chapelle caught a lot of heat for his Netflix special last year, "Sticks and Stones" where he joked about sexual assault victims and trans people. He even won a Grammy earlier for the controversial special.

When Bob was asked about Chapelle on the podcast, she replied

"Don’t even get me started at Dave Chappelle,” Bob responded. “This is a real blow to my system because, like, Dave Chappelle is someone that I’ve always looked up to, and his comedy is so… lately he’s been really doubling down on this idea that trans people are a joke, or that trans existence is funny or that trans people just living their lives is funny to him"

"And then when Dave Chappelle — who’s one of the most respected Black people in comedy and entertainment — goes on TV or when Netflix gives him money to say, ‘I can’t stop laughing at trans people, they’re just so funny!’ then it validates that idea for other people, and then other people double down and agree with him." She went on to say that he can use jokes about trans people that are not hurtful but Chapelle could also use his voice actually advocate for trans people.

Listen to the podcast and let us know what you think.


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