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Denali Stuckey is the 12th Black Trans Woman Killed, Misgendered by Police

North Charleston Police were called at 4:05 a.m. and notified of a body laying on the roadside at address 721 Carner Ave. 29-year-old Denali Stuckey was found dead by gunshot. The North Charleston police misidentified her as her previous name Derrick Stuckey and misgendered her as male.

The Human Rights Campaign identifies her as #DenaliBerriesStuckey, and she is the twelfth known transgender to been killed since the start of the year. Like those before her, she was African American, and the 8th to be under 30. ABCnews4 asked Charleston police if this murder was a hate crime. The police have announced that they are continuing investigations as a homicide and suspects have yet to be found.

Deputy Chief Scott Deckard issued a statement:

The North Charleston Police Department recognizes, respects, and protects the rights of all citizens regardless of race, religion, gender, or beliefs, and will continue working to ensure all citizens are treated fairly and courteously.

Currently, there is a vigil set at 8:00 p.m. to honor Denali's memory. The vigil will taker place at the Equality Hub located at 1801 Reynolds Avenue in North Charleston. Attendees include

AFFA, Charleston Pride. We Are Family, Charleston Area Transgender Support, Charleston Black Pride, SC Equality and other members and leaders of the community. All are welcome to attend.

If any information is known about the death of our sister please contact NCPD Crime Stoppers at 843-554-1111 or the NCPD Tip line at 843-607-2076. Rest In Peace Denali Stuckey.


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