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Designer Telfar Clemons' UGG Winter Collection Handbag Sells Out on Instagram Live

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The Telfar shopping bag is the bag that broke the internet this year. Fashion designer Telfar Clemons, founder of the genderless fashion label TELFAR, recently made Oprah's 2020 O List with his original Telfar shopping bag.

People have been trying to get their hands on the bags for months as they always sell out within five minutes of them being posted to the website. This led to Telfar launching their bag security program, since their motto is " It's not for you — it's for everyone."

The Bag Security program is for one day, and for 24 hours you are able to order the Telfar bag you've always wanted which will be guaranteed to get to you by a certain date. The first time this took place was for every single original color of the shopping bags in any size. On Nov. 30th, Telfar decided to reopen their Bag Security program for their newest collection, the Ugg x Telfar collection.

Telfar hosted a livestream party via Instagram where some of Telfar's friends were on live modeling the Uggs collaboration. The coveted collection's handbags featured genuine chestnut suede and creamy shearling, and were only being made in the size small and medium. The collection also includes a Telfar x Ugg black bedazzled t-shirt.

During the livestream they announced that over 20% of the bags had been bought within the first ten minutes that preordering took place. A few people who joined the livestream were also wearing the new Telfar boxers that are possibly in the full collection as well.

The most common question that was being asked in the livestream was, "Are the Ugg x Telfar boots for sale?" During the live they were unable to give an answer to whether or not they would be for sale, but fans were advised to wait and see when the collection is available to purchase sometime in 2021.

Currently, there is no official release date for when in 2021 the Ugg x Telfar collection will be released, but they did explain that if you preorder the bag on November 30th, you will be among the first people to receive the bag by Juneteenth at the latest.

Telfar noted that when you preorder the bag you will get a special Telfar Christmas card. So if you planned on getting this as a gift for someone, the Christmas card lets them know their gift is on the way.

Congratulations to Telfar on this dope collaboration with UGG. But gayes, ask yourself. Will your Telfar bag be 6 months late when you get it in the spring? Or 6 months early when you rock it next winter?


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