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Detroit Rapper Neisha Neshae Talks Inclusivity in the Music Industry

I sat down with rapper Neisha Neshae to talk about her music and inclusivity status in the music industry. If you haven't met Neisha, she's a fun-sized beauty of 22 with a gallery of tattoo artwork, blonde locs, full lashes, white smile and dimples. If you saw her in one of her music videos she might have changed into a hot bad-ass with leather and claws; she can certainly do it all.

The Detroit native talked about how her hard upbringing gives a "realness" and "authenticity" to her music. After going in and out of foster care, Neisha and her sister were raised by her father and his abusive girlfriend. Her mother was released from jail but soon died from an overdose. All of this Neisha takes in stride to create a style called "RNB Trapping".

When asked about LGBT rappers Neisha exclaimed, "Woo - you know I have actually been seeing so many, you know, LGBT people - artists, male and female doing music on Instagram, doing videos and actually being recognized for it."

She then pointed out a rapper that she knew of from Love & Hip Hop.

"When I saw him I thought he was pretty sweet. This is my thing. I don't think that there should be, it shouldn't be separated in any kind of way. It's music. I think real music should come back

and if people weren't so busy putting everything in its category and column and 'this is what this should be' and 'this is what that should be' then we would have real Hip Hop back."

When asked if the music industry is becoming more inclusive, Neisha hesitated.

"I think its' trying," she said."You see more and more people doing what they want to do and starting to do their own style, starting their own way. I think it's more of a free industry rather than having a standard quality....the doors are open you just have to go through them."

She also gave advice on what the marginalized groups such as the LGBT community need to do to get through those 'doors' and what they need to look out for.

You should be looking for whatever gets to your main door....if people tell you no, you tell yourself yes, there is no no. And if the door is closed, then bust through it. If you really have to get through that door than do it. You are the creator of your destiny. The person that succeeds is the one that's outworking the others.

Neisha was once signed to Roc Nation. She continued to talk about life in the music industry and told us the main lessons that she has learned so far.

"My main lesson is that you can't trust anybody. It's an industry of jealousy, envy and that want to be in the spotlight, that's just what it is. People wake up everyday and want to be liked more and all the attention. You have to keep going, you can't pay attention to the haters. Every female in the industry know - you just have to work at least a little bit harder."

Neisha left the interview with words of advice to the LGBT, black and other marginalized who hoped to achieve their dreams:

"I would tell all the beautiful souls out there that you are worthy of it all and everything, there's nothing [that] can stop you, it doesn't matter what race you are, sexuality, what anyone tells you. It's all up to you to create what it is that you want and the people around you are very important. I'm a survivor of abuse, I attempted to do suicide, I've gone through it all. Now, I've got my own crib, my own car, I've been on tour with Big Sean, and I'm at peace with where I am at right now. Now, if that doesn't inspire you baby, hit me up on Instagram and let's talk and let's get your mind right and let's get to the top together because that's what it's all about."

Check out Neisha's latest single "Double Up" and her movie Breaking Silence on Amazon. In the meantime, she says she will be in the studio working on some new upcoming features with artists including Kash Doll, Sada, and Bezo. Her music is available now on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned.

Be sure to follow Neisha Neshae on IG & Twitter - @neishaneshae


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