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Did You Know There's an "LGBT" Cannabis Strain?


Calling all our #Gaye stoners. Have you heard about the LGBT strain of cannabis?

Ethos Genetics, one of the leaders in the cannabis genetics industry, created a cross strain comprised of Lemon OG Haze, Grape God x Katsu Bubba, and Temple Kush... affectionately called 'LGBT'.

This hybrid carries "notes of citrus alongside floral and gassy tones", Leafly reports.

The most dominant terpene in the Lemon Grape Bubba Temple (LGBT) strain is Limoene (citrus), which is a "citrus-scented terpene commonly believed to provide anxiety and stress relief".

via (Screenshot)

Hytiva writes, "This well-balanced hybrid is known by consumers to slowly bring on a long-lasting, Sativa experience, that leaves you in a deeply relaxing Indica state. Many noted feeling waves of euphoria that increased over time, leaving them in a hazy and stress-free state".

So if you're looking to relax a bit, and do it in the name of the community, grab yourself an LGBT pack, sit back and roll up!

Happy Stoning!


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